Collaboration over Competition

We believe that collaboration is better than competition.

Parliament is a space where our members can build relationships with other individuals, and — if they choose to — build working relationships too. Our members include designers, writers, photographers, architects, developers, researchers, retailers and more.


Optimised for Medium and Long Term Members

Parliament is *designed* to best support our long term members. Our only plan is 7-days a week with round-the-clock access. All our members have their own keys and can come and go as they please -- which suits the night owls amongst them.

Because there’s no desk-sharing our members are encouraged to make their desks their own. Many of the plants, lamps and other personal items you see in the photos were brought in by members.



Parliament is run by Dominic Whittle & Andy Wilson and was founded in late 2012 with the philosophy that collaboration is key to business success.

We work from Parliament alongside our members so we're committed to making it a great place to work. We work better alongside like-minded individuals and we wanted to create something that fosters a sense of professionalism, community and collaboration.

When we first opened we offered services from day-to-day access to space hire for events. But over time we worked out what we do best and distilled our services down to a single offer: 24/7 access to an environment that’s great for collaborative working.