About us.

We believe that collaboration is better than competition.

Parliament is a space where our members can build relationships with other individuals, and — if they choose to — build working relationships too. Our members include remote workers, designers, writers, photographers, architects, developers, researchers, retailers and more.

At our weekly 10am Monday catch-up coffee we take our members out for caffeinated brain buzzers. It’s a great opportunity for new members to get know the community, and for the rest of us to catch up on weekend plans, and chat about the week ahead’s challenges and opportunities.


Parliament is run by Dominic Whittle & Andy Wilson and was founded in late 2012 with the philosophy that collaboration is key to business success.

We also have this notion of 3 business pillars that we try to adhere to, being; financial viability, environmentally sustainable and a broad community benefit. Sounds a bit wanky we know but we think those three things combined make our business a positive entity to be conducting. That’s why we try and automate a lot of our processes to run a lean enterprise which keeps us viable. We separate our rubbish, are mostly paperless, use low energy appliances where we can and have a mixture of new and second hand furnishings. We also donate $50 each month to three local charities/not-for-profits. It’s not a lot, but it’s part of our business plan so it’s on our mind and something we look to improve all the time.

We work from Parliament alongside our members so we’re committed to making it a great place to work. We work better alongside like-minded individuals and we wanted to create something that fosters a sense of professionalism, community and collaboration.